services for schools and colleges


English Intervention

Exam preparation – KS3, KS4, KS5. Supporting students with understanding exam technique, mark schemes, assessment objectives and ways to approach and use the skills needed for individual questions. 

Literacy support - cross curricular

Helping schools to improve the teaching of literacy across subjects and raise attainment. Creating literacy resources to suit each modular of the study programme in order to help improve students’ progress and assist teachers with the delivery of literacy within their subjects.


Building self -esteem and confidence in young girls. Working on areas such as self-belief and self -worth; positive body image; social media pressure; assertiveness in relationships; self-care, students will work together with me on project-based activities to help raise aspiration, ambition and confidence.  


 Support and encourage young males to be the best version of themselves. Raise awareness and increase confidence enabling them to ‘speak out’ by normalising Conversations surrounding self-esteem and behaviour.  Project based work around personal growth, mental health and well-being, societal pressures for boys and men in society and managing behaviour. This can also be linked with attainments and aspirations – English intervention to improve progress and success academically as well as personally. 

Support for staff

 Building confidence in the classroom, planning and creation of resources to support differentiation in the classroom, support with marking and moderating, behaviour management guidance, raising student aspirations and success.

Wellness in the workplace


This programme aims to enhance your organisation's support for staff before, during and after an absence and/or parental leave. Employee support with managing workload; maintaining wellness in the workplace; identifying triggers for stress and anxiety and strategies to overcome; working ‘smarter not harder’ workshops

Services for schools and colleges

Alternative Provision

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation


Flourish works with schools across Wirral and Cheshire delivering personalised, successful programmes for students who are not currently performing in a mainstream setting.  

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation sessions delivered to staff and students across schools.

Our mindfulness meditation sessions are delivered to both staff and students across schools, colleges and early years education settings.